Mike still isn’t getting on very well in the house. Jill accuses Oliver and Caroline of breaking the law with the hunt.

Radio Times: Mike gets domestic.

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  • Mike is trying to help out with the domestics but Brenda and Hayley are doing everything. Laundry isn’t a strong point though. Mike gets really down again and so Brenda tries to get out of going up to Lancashire with Tom but Mike convinces her to go.
  • Oliver and Caroline are going out with the hunt but she is still rather worried about the hotel. Their business partner hasn’t come up with the cash yet. She is worried Peggy will get tired of waiting.
  • Jill and Ruth are buying paint for the decorating. David thinks white is the answer but Ruth wants something different. They nearly run across a fox being chased by the hunt. Jill tries to stop Oliver and Caroline but they aren’t having any of it. She doesn’t believe a word they are saying but Oliver is unrepentant.

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