Brenda isn’t sure if she can ever go back to university. William won’t compromise over his floating afternoon.

Radio Times: Emma asks Will for a favour.

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  • Pat gets Jennifer to help with designing her new carrot bags by painting a picture of Bridge Farm with carrots! It will be a challenge but she’ll certainly try. Jennifer has noticed how close Brenda and Tom are getting. Pat is a bit worried about the timing.
  • Brenda is still puzzling about what to do about university. She’s not sure if she’ll ever be able to go back but Tom tells her to give it time and see how things go. She doesn’t need to decide now. She can wait and see how things are in September. It does dawn on her that Mike might be trying to get involved in the house to give him something to do.
  • Emma tries to get William to change his floating afternoons but it degenerates into a row as usual and William won’t compromise. Emma can’t believe how spiteful he’s being. He just seems to be determined to stop them getting on but Ed isn’t going to let him win.

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