Bert wins the ploughing competition but at considerable cost to his health.

Radio Times: Bert shows he’s top of his field.

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  • Weather isn’t great for the ploughing match but it doesn’t matter to Bert. He’ll be able to concentrate better – all for the glory! Sam is still trying to avoid David though.
  • Ruth confesses to Usha that all isn’t going well so she arranges to go to visit tomorrow.
  • Usha did rather well at her leg turning – almost as quick as the professional. Phil is rather slower though and Jill is having to stand out in the rain waiting for him. A pity about the weather. Jill hopes it will clear up before the next stage of the grape harvest on Wednesday.
  • Pip wouldn’t go to the ploughing competition but the boys seem to enjoy it. But the weather isn’t doing Bert’s chest any good. Ruth is having a miserable time too. David is trying so hard and she just feels like she’s going mad. Bert manages to win, despite feeling terrible by the end of it.

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