Ruth tells all to Usha who is shocked Ruth is even thinking of throwing everything away.

Radio Times: It’s confession time for Ruth.

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  • Lynda objects to Tom’s advert being placed on the village website – she’s even heard Larry Lovell has agreed to a product placement in his next show. But meanwhile she is more exercised by the loss of the newel post at the Cat and Fiddle. They go on a raid to check if it’s true that it was damaged beyond repair. And they find it – and there is nothing wrong!
  • Ruth confesses everything to Usha without revealing Sam’s name. She is very shocked. Ruth tries to explain how she feels – a wonderful caring man loves her and she thinks it’s too late to repair the damage. Usha tries to convince her that she shouldn’t throw everything away – she still loves David and the kids. And didn’t this “other man” take advantage by making his move while she is vulnerable. Until a few weeks ago she was perfectly content and she is prepared to chuck everything away? But Ruth thinks, though she knows it’s wrong, when he is holding her everything feels so right.
  • Usha tells Alan what Ruth has said. Alan tells Usha she must do everything she can – if Ruth walks out on that marriage she’ll be making the biggest mistake of her life.

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