Bert wins this year’s ploughing cup.

Radio Times: Alistair finds a new passion.

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  • Bert’s all of a quiver, Alistair’s sports psychology having deserted him when he saw the heavy going field. He persuades Alistair to pop by at the start of the match to give him some more coaching. Alistair finds he can’t tear himself away after a bit, even when David arrives to relieve him, and stays until the end. Bert’s victorious, taking the Borsetshire Vintage Cup for Tractor Ploughing, Classic Class, by one point.
  • Lynda’s on her recruiting rounds for this year’s panto. Ruth says she doesn’t think Pip will be interesting at fifteen. Only Sabrina Thwaite seems very keen; Jill suggests she’s the figure for principle boy. Alistair points out that Snow White was only two years ago, but apparently that was a post-modern ironic view of a panto, with oversized dwarves. This year’s is going to return to the lush satins and velvets of Lynda’s mother’s youth in these “belt-tightening times”.
  • The course at Lower Loxley has been approved by the inspectors, although Elizabeth was hoping it wouldn’t; some of the jumps are terrifying and she’s worried Nigel will be over enthusiastic.

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