Izzy’s not pregnant and makes up with Pip.

Radio Times: Pip offers the olive branch.

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  • A moody Pip has been helping David lay pipes. Ruth knows it’s because of Izzy and urges her to make the first move, but Pip said her texts got no reply last week.
  • Peggy’s eyesight’s still poor; she doesn’t spot Jack initially. Once he’s reminded she’s his wife, he chats on as normal with Peggy guessing all the nouns. But he doesn’t remember that they haven’t met for days, nor The Lodge.
  • Izzy phones Pip; they meet at Jaxx. Izzy’s brother must have deleted Pip’s text when he borrowed the phone. She was off school with flu, not due the baby. And she’s not pregnant anyway as it happens. Plus she’s discovered two-timing Darren has been sleeping with Francesca Tracy for the last couple of months so she’s a check-up at the STD clinic tomorrow; Pip offers to accompany her. Izzy admits she was stupid about the whole thing and Pip thinks she was too harsh. Izzy says her and Pip must stick together; men are idiots.
  • Peggy’s finding it hard work just walking to the car. She’s unhappy Jack’s had just those poor demented souls for company. She’ll be glad when he comes home Sunday. Lilian tentatively asks if that’s Home Farm. No, our home, The Lodge.

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