Bert worries about a missing baby Jesus.

Radio Times: The big switch on.

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  • Could it be a mouse, more likely a rat and probably two legged: the baby Jesus has disappeared from the crib. Janet and Bert have searched the church with the proverbial tooth-comb; George will whittle a new one.
  • Shula is a’washing; it has taken hand and machine washes to get Daniel’s clothes clean after the pig episode, not to mention Kenton’s. She is not best pleased. There must be no more dares. Kenton helped to round up the piglets and he has apologised to Eddie and Mike – surely Neil need not know. When he has gone (in Shula’s car) she and Alistair discuss Christmas. They assume that Kenton will be joining them as it is the only home he has, so perhaps they should invite Kathy and Jamie as well.
  • Over lunch Kathy declares that both Kenton and Daniel deserve to have their bottoms smacked. Kenton was rather amused at Joe’s exit from the grotto pursued by pigs. However, he will be nice to Shula for the foreseeable future; apart from a roof over his head he has another reason.
  • Shula’s horse is spooked by Debbie suddenly appearing out of the hedge. Shula offers comforting words and, but for the lively horse, would give Debbie a hug – well, the thought was there. Debbie says how good Jennifer has been to her; her dad too has been very sympathetic, a side of him not often seen.
  • As the lights go on around the village green, Bert laments the unlit Honeysuckle Cottage, Shula and Alistair invite Kathy and Jamie for Christmas and Kenton reveals his latest business proposition, right up Shula’s street – riding holidays. What does he know about it – he hasn’t a clue. Nevertheless, Shula will let him do some research; it will give him something to do.
  • Although George has promised to start on the new baby Jesus tomorrow, Bert is upset by the thought of such a thief in the village. (Who would dare to do such a thing.)

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