More chaos from Kenton. (Australia really isn’t far enough away for that guy!)

Radio Times: Kenton’s stuck in the mud.

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  • Oliver, assisted by Ed, has high hopes for his entry in the Borsetshire Primestock Show but there is stiff competition. Phil wishes them luck and tries for two new recruits for his choir; he gets one but Ed is saving his vocal chords for the band.
  • Brian has visited the Grundy World of Christmas (GWoC) in the hope of catching Mike but comes away with a small Christmas tree and lights; he knows that Jenny has already bought two but this is a present for one of the men! He cannot help but notice that Eddie is now offering the bouncy castle at 10p – just enough to cover the rental, Eddie explains, so thin profits for Neil.
  • Daniel is really getting into the swing of dares and Kenton, pausing only to assure his father that his business adventure is “fine and dandy” and to get in another jibe about David, is about to prove he is not chicken. It’s going to involve pigs and it’s going to be messy.
  • Very festive! Brian’s Christmas tree is a hit with Siobhán and it gets Ruairidh’s attention too, when he has finished being sick on Siobhán; Brian’s best handkerchief will need to be washed. Will Brian be able to come on Christmas morning to open presents? If it is humanly possible to get away, he will, and that’s a promise.
  • Meanwhile at the pigsty, Kenton is preparing to catch a piglet. He slips, gets stuck, Daniel comes in to help and leaves the gate …
  • Nearby at the GWoC, Oliver has to admit that he didn’t win a prize. He does not need to buy mistletoe as he has plenty – at least, he had last time he looked. Chaba buys some for Fallon though, which gives Phil the idea for another choir recruit. Before he has chance to approach Chaba, the whole market is thrown into chaos by a herd of rampaging pigs.

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