Heather comes to Brookfield, in body if not in spirit. Lynda plans a New Year’s Eve party.

Radio Times: David’s mission is successful.

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  • It’s after midnight and Ruth cannot sleep, worrying about her mum; she looks in on Chaba who has just dealt with a calving.
  • Lynda, out for a morning walk, encounters Jennifer cleaning the holiday cottage but she avoids explaining why. Lynda enquires what Jennifer and Brian are doing on New Year’s Eve; as she is away for Christmas she is planning a party later. Jennifer cannot commit without reference to Brian. Debbie and Simon’s address? Jennifer cannot remember the postcode.
  • Right now Brian is with Siobhán and of course their demanding young son. He reports the latest with Debbie and her divorce campaign and where Debbie has decided to live. He did his best about Honeysuckle Cottage but it was not to be.
  • Chaba is looking forward to meeting Ruth’s mum, although Ruth warns that she may not be at her best. Lynda’s walk takes her next to Brookfield but Ruth cannot commit to New Year’s Eve either, without reference to David. Chaba is invited too and Ruth’s mum. Lynda makes herself scarce as David drives in with Heather. She says David has told her all about Chaba but she does not seem to have taken it in.
  • Having settled Ruairidh, Brian explains his feelings about Debbie and her treatment by Simon. Adultery is an ugly word but does he doubt his own justification: theirs is not a casual affair, it is real and precious.
  • David and Ruth anxiously discuss Heather’s state of mind. She seemed to believe that she was managing but she was clearly not; leaving home was a real wrench. When she joins them and wants to help, Ruth delegates a task – nursing Ben. At first she is reluctant, believing he has forgotten her and will be upset. When he gets used to her, a big smile melts away Granny’s troubles – for the moment.

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