Debbie takes the first step towards divorce and Neil puts one over on Eddie.

Radio Times: Debbie meets her solicitor.

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  • Jennifer has just revealed to Shula the situation with Debbie, when Shula’s irresponsible twin turns up with Daniel: he is only taking a dip in the horse trough – another dare!
  • With her solicitor, Debbie must go through the details of her marriage and its break-up. She is bent on putting “that woman’s” name on the petition and there is definitely no chance of a reconciliation.
  • Shula would like to give Kenton a piece of her mind about all these dares but she doesn’t manage to get a word in edgeways. He gets in a few disparaging remarks about David’s dash to Prudhoe to bring back his mother-in-law before dashing off to the Grundy World of Christmas with Daniel – but no more dares today.
  • The unfortunate truth is that Debbie has no actual proof of adultery, so naming Jeanette will not really help, especially if she is in a hurry. The best course is to write to Simon and ask if he is prepared to admit adultery; he may of course deny it out of spite but letting him off the costs might encourage him to do the decent thing.
  • Daniel has enjoyed two turns on the bouncy castle but Kenton is out of cash and Daniel has only 20p pocket-money left; big-hearted Eddie cannot give a discount, sorry. This is an appropriate moment for Neil to reappear; he has decided that Eddie can keep the bouncy castle in the barn, as publicised, but Neil gets all the profits, not half, not two-thirds, all of it. He’s learning!
  • On the way home Kenton and Daniel look in on the pigs and Daniel dares Kenton to catch a piglet in the muck. Actually it is Daniel’s turn but relax, not today, they both went home clean.
  • Debbie returns to Ambridge too late to catch Phoebe at the Christingle service and explains to her mother what has transpired at the solicitor’s. For the umpteenth time she make it plain that she will not be moving back home but she has had an idea for the immediate future – the holiday cottage. She really can’t go running home at 32 (as she did last time she broke up with Simon); she needs a clean break and a fresh start on her own. Jennifer finally gets the message – but then she isn’t very quick on the uptake, is she.

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