Betty’s business plans look as if they will hatch soon but Kathy’s house-hunting has a setback.

Radio Times: Kathy’s hopes are dashed.

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  • Betty is getting support for her plan to go into the free range egg business; Pat’s supplier is over-committed and has let her down. She just needs Neil’s support but, as she explains to Siobhán, Neil knows from experience that it is hard work. Susan’s entrance causes a sudden embarrassed silence but she is able to report that Neil is in favour.
  • Elizabeth is home and being waited on hand and foot, for an enforced to rest. Kathy pops in and assures her that all is well. Siobhán pops in and assures her that at Honeysuckle cottage things are alright, no better than that. She is cross with Tim because he let her down over the quiz team but they still won, thanks to Greg Turner. Siobhán is rather taken with him, enough to look him up on the calendar, anyway.
  • In the dairy, Clarrie and Pat discuss the party for Eddie and Tony. The theme being the sixties, there should be a guitar-shaped cake. Pat wants to seek out old school friends but Clarrie reckons Eddie’s are best forgotten. She also wants to do a “This is Your Life” book for Tony, in which his friends can write, but Clarrie fears rude comments from those of Eddie’s friends who can write.
  • Betty calls to talk to Neil but he is out helping Eddie bag the compost; it is not his favourite job but he has nothing else on. Instead, she brings Susan up to date on Kate’s latest move. Roy was not happy with Phoebe staying overnight but did not feel he could refuse. Betty has given up guessing what she is after.
  • Kathy returns to Bridge Farm in despair. She had looked at April Cottage and it was perfect. Unfortunately someone else thought so too and had already offered the asking price; she cannot afford to go higher. Although her welcome with Pat is still assured, she wants a place of her own.

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