William gets a car and a legal pint while Brookfield receives the Herefords.

Radio Times: A new start at Brookfield.

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  • It is William’s 18th birthday his brother is not impressed by the changes he perceives in him; he seems to be acting like a parent and will be wearing a cardigan soon. This was brought on by the discovery of a pile of Valentine cards in Ed’s room which he claimed to be looking after for Fallon.
  • Clarrie is impressed with the leaflets that Lynda Snell has printed for Eddie, although Lynda drove a hard bargain and Eddie is not so impressed with the deal; it seems that Eddie has met his match there. All he needs now is someone to help deliver them. Any volunteers? I thought not. William is very pleased with his present, it is beautiful and Eddie reckons it runs like a dream although he felt that taxing and insuring it was a bit unnecessary but Clarrie insisted. Only now is William allowed to open Caroline’s present: a sound system that probably cost more than the car.
  • Hurried preparations are complete at Brookfield for the first batch of Herefords. While they wait, Phil is able to announce to David and Ruth that the limited company is now set up. So he really can retire, assuming they can find a house. Phil wonders how he would have coped if David and Ruth had gone to France. Well, they didn’t. When the handsome beasts arrive it takes Phil right back. David, however, thinks the Herefords will take them forward: they are the future of Brookfield.

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