Kate and Hayley, Nolly and Phoebe still tug in different directions

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  • Roy and Hayley are at Home Farm and while Lucas is trying to be polite, Kate isn’t. Hayley is obviously taken with Nolly – and Kate does not like this. Lucas invites them to come to the Bull, but they decline, heading to Willow Farm for lunch. Kate doesn’t want to go either, but Lucas reminds her that he’s the tourist and what she finds mundane still excites him.
  • When at the pub (without Brian who cites too much paperwork and continues to be decidedly cool with Lucas) Sid takes exception to Kate breastfeeding, but Jolene plays the diplomat. The day continues to improve when their Landrover breaks down and Brian has to come collect them.
  • Eddie’s compose business is going well – Jolene (who forces him to do the spreading for her) and Jack are his most recent customers.
  • Wedding plans no focus on the guest lists and the tricky decisions therein – as well as the economies they need to put in place to afford it all. As they leave Willow Farm Eddie’s outside filling compost bags and advises Roy to revel in his wedding day – something he intends to do.