Hayley’s worried about the future (over Phoebe and houses) while Ed and Fallon are looking forward to it (with their Valentines prank)

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  • Pat’s getting more contributions for Tony’s Big Red Book than Clarrie is for Eddie – meanwhile she’s unhappy with having to help out with bagging the compost for Jack!
  • Perhaps surprisingly, Elizabeth is concerned with the fate of the local primary school (the twins will, if it’s still open, go there) as she catches up on the news with Pat. Hayley is there too, minding the twins (a good job she’s doing too – with Elizabeth being as fractious as her offspring). Hayley’s worried, though, about her and Roy’s property possibilities in the area – and that she’s sure that Kate plans to take Phoebe away to RSA with her when she goes – although she’s confident of allies in Brian and Jennifer if that eventuality came to pass.
  • Ed and Fallon’s great Valentine card ruse (fuelled by Joe’s beer supplies) wend on their way to half the village … including the stars of the piece, the vicar and doctor …