Elizabeth is very bored in her recouperation and Clarrie’s lost her wedding ring.

Radio Times: Clarrie discovers an absence.

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  • Arkwright Hall re-opens to the public – and Lewis’ work is generally praised. Jack is a big fan of the work done.
  • Ruth’s looking forward to moving into Brookfield, although Jill and Phil’s plan are unclear – they can’t move into the bungalow again, though!
  • Elizabeth is at home. Bored. Very bored. Necessary lethargy, but she’s so bored she’s decided to read a novel for the first time in years (“Human Croquet” by Kate Atkinson). Lewis sympathises and is there to chat with her. It seems she’s impressed with Kathy’s work in the café but there have been some improvements that she would have liked to have been involved in.
  • Eddie arrives at Jack’s, too late to stop him spreading compost on his raspberries. It seems Clarrie’s lost her wedding ring somewhere – quite possibly while helping with the compost yesterday. She’s absolutely distraught at the loss, but Eddie’s willing to look everywhere. He’s spent the evening rooting through bags of compost – whatever it takes.