The Valentine’s Cards are all received and Lucas and Brian seem to be getting on better.

Radio Times: Valentine’s day mayhem in Ambridge.

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  • Valentine’s Day in Ambridge but David and Ruth will be at a Hassett Hills meeting this evening – although they plan a lunchtime drink in the Bull to compensate.
  • Clarrie’s still not found her ring, but Susan’s found something … a valentine’s card on Tim’s desk, addressed to “my Mr November” … and she knew that Siobhán’s card had been delivered earlier … A slightly saucy card … and from a vicar, too!
  • Sid’s opening his post, too … and another errant card arrives. David sees it – and he’s rather Jolene didn’t. (Although she does – and recognises the hand-writing.)
  • Lucas and Brian discuss farming and whatever frostiness they started with seems to be melting. Brian’s farming existence might be a struggle, but it hardly compares to the memories of Lucas’ grandfather’s subsistence existence in the Veld. Brian admits that having Kate around is still worrying for him – but it’s that very headstrong spirit that Lucas loves and hopes that even moving back to RSA will not crush it. He reveals that he might come to the UK one day to study.
  • At the Bull, without naming names, Jolene talks to Fallon about the hurt that mystery valentines cards cause – particularly to Sid – and if Sid’s hurt then she’s hurt. A funny idea of fun … which must have prompted something into happening as, later, a confused Sid is bewildered as Fallon’s being especially nice to him (talking about website design). Like mother like daughter, as Jolene suggests that, with Betty and Clarrie downstairs to cope, they might have an early night …