Love is in the air as Caroline and Oliver kiss, but Janet wants a little less rumour-mongering.

Radio Times: Janet has to take action.

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  • Janet confides in Shula and, unlike others, her Valentine’s card has her worried. She relates the story and Shula affirms that the village is already talking. Janet plans to talk things over with Tim. Later, putting to one side the gossip, Janet leads the meeting opposing the school closure.
  • Brian, visiting Brookfield, is increasingly pessimistic about farming, but Phil is sure that the new herd of Herefords is just the thing to rejuvenate Brookfield’s fortune. Brian’s children are clouding his mood, it seems. He is very worried about Kate and her plans, but at least Debbie’s buoyant over the Hasset Hills operation.
  • Out on the hunt Oliver’s steed pulls up and Caroline accompanies him back to the stables. They confide to each other that they received mystery Valentine’s (and that they were hoaxes) – although Caroline received two, to which Oliver holds his hands up … and they kiss.