Bonfire night in Ambridge and an end to hostilities is achieved.

Radio Times: A handshake by firelight.

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  • After a visit from the Youth Offending Officer, Ed knows that he has to do one day per week community service and the officer was impressed by his letter. Clarrie drops a strong hint to Eddie that only the rift between Eddie and Neil remains to be repaired but Eddie is still adamant that he expects to be reimbursed for the dead turkeys.
  • Mike is fighting the clock to rebuild the bonfire at Lynda’s insistence, so he is highly delighted when David turns up with an offer of a couple of hours help and some bales to get the fire going. Lynda is apparently oblivious to the mayhem she has caused but her offer to make a flask of tea is gratefully received. What animal life has the exercise saved? Hedgehogs 0, toads 1.
  • Janet has already talked Neil round, now it is Eddie’s turn. She is surprised that Eddie, as an entrepreneur, is prepared to allow a grievance to affect his business; for the sake of the cost of three turkeys he will have to forego the profit on the rest because he has nowhere to hang them.
  • The bonfire was completed in time and is nicely ablaze; Ambridge must be one of the few places in the country where they celebrate Bonfire Night actually on 5th November. Mike may have moaned about the extra work (well actually, Mike did moan about the extra work) but at least he has the approval of the children: he is now “Hedgehog man”!
  • The guy is interesting, it is female; a little joke by its creator Alice Aldridge. It looks strangely familiar, probably because Alice has scrounged some old clothes from her Gran, Peggy.
  • Finally Eddie and Neil are brought together and there follows a stilted conversation of short questions and short answers. In the end they conclude that it is time for – you know; maybe you’re right. So they both decide that it suits them to put their differences into the past and a handshake seals the deal. Normality returns? They suppose so.

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