Greg disappoints Helen about plans for January and Eddie disappoints Clarrie about November

Radio Times: Eddie picks a bad date.

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  • Lilian has gone home to Guernsey, so Jennifer is at a loose end and calls at Ambridge Organics to check with Helen about their visit to Shropshire tomorrow. When Greg pops in, he is not at all surprised to find Helen talking Blue Cheese. His purpose, however, is to invite Helen for lunch.
  • The row with Neil over, Eddie has already been back to Willow Farm; there was a bit of an atmosphere. Meanwhile Joe and Eddie are planning a Ghost Walk, for which Eddie has already put up posters; since Joe thinks £10 is a bit steep, Eddie hits on the idea of serving refreshments (actually of Clarrie serving refreshments!).
  • On the Green, Emma bumps into Clarrie and asks her to tell Ed that she got his letter and she is very pleased with it.
  • Greg’s choice of lunch venue is not ideal, being very noisy. He gives up trying to explain to Helen why he has just booked the flight to France to see Michelle and the kids. Helen cannot understand why she cannot go too. He will ring her later.
  • When Clarrie comes upon Joe and Eddie refining their Ghost Walk plans, she has to admit that their animated scarecrow could work – in the distance, at night and with a few drinks inside the punters. She is less impressed by the plans for rolls and hot soup, served by her from a Primus stove in the back of the van; no, no, definitely no. It gets worse: the chosen date is 21st November, which is their anniversary. Of course, in the end she will do it.

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