Helen and Ed both get some encouragement and good advice.

Radio Times: Helen gets the Shropshire blues.

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  • Jennifer and Helen are visiting a Shropshire cheesemaker; Helen is hoping that when all the sightseers have gone, she will learn more of the secrets of blue cheese.
  • Ed has just heard from the Community Service people but is not keen to talk to Clarrie about it. He has to meet them in the park tomorrow and he is convinced that he will be picking up rubbish. Clarrie encourages him to go and see Emma; she would like a visit.
  • Helen feels that, as expected, the cheesemaker was holding something back, not giving all her secrets away. Over lunch she confides in Jennifer that cheese is the least of her worries. When Jennifer has heard all about Greg’s planned trip to France, she assures Helen that it will work itself out. Greg is probably very anxious about how the children will react to him after all this time; having Helen there would only make things worse for him. It is not easy but Helen will have to accept it. She is grateful for the advice.
  • Neil is insisting that Emma does her exercises, which are a pain in every sense. When Ed calls to see Emma, Neil hesitates but decides to invite him in and even offers some soup which he is about to prepare. Ed admits to Emma that he was terrified facing her dad. She is glad he did and tells him that she loved the letter. Nobody has ever written to her like that before; she could tell he really meant it and she will keep it forever. Ed describes his apprehension about tomorrow’s community service. Emma makes him promise to stick it out; think of the alternative!

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