Ed is being more positive and David needs some positive encouragement.

Radio Times: The strain is showing.

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  • Pip is tired but reluctant to got to bed. David is tired and would love to go to bed but he will have to go out and check one of the Herefords; he missed her earlier.
  • Ed is late home and hungry after chatting to Emma. Clarrie has to drag out of him some news of the day; as he expected he has been cleaning up the park. Expecting to spend the evening arguing with him, Clarrie is amazed when he gives in right away: he will look for a job. This change seems to be due to Emma’s influence.
  • David had dropped off in the chair and now must go to check on the Hereford. He finds that he needs help; Bert arrives first and Alistair is coming. The cow is in distress but will not let them get near.
  • Clarrie administers cocoa and recommends an end to the loud music; Ed needs an early night and maybe he will not dream tonight. He won’t let it beat him and he will look for a job.
  • Back at Brookfield, David has to report that the calf was dead, although the mother is fine. He reproaches himself for not being on the ball; he should not have missed her earlier. Ruth is reassuring: they are on a learning curve with Herefords. It is only one calf and they will get there, have no doubt.

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