Helen understands Greg’s dilemma over seeing his children and they forget their differences.

Radio Times: Greg explains himself.

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  • Over a quiet dinner in The Bull, Helen explains to Greg her plans for cheesemaking. She also tells him how sorry she is about slamming the phone down on him earlier in the week; she was in a bit of a state after their disastrous lunch. He explains how anxious he is about seeing his children and Michelle too; the divorce was not amicable and he has no idea what sort of reception he will get.
  • Susan needed to give Emma a hug; she cried this evening and is now asleep. She is doing really well but she was tired. So is Susan but not too tired to thank Neil for coping so well with the last few weeks; what else could he have done.
  • Christine and George, also replete from a meal at The Bull, take a look at their new home, which is now finished. They can’t wait to move in. The dog will be happier too; Peggy’s home is so pristine.
  • Neil relates to Susan the scene when he was helping Joe round up the errant turkeys. What was really funny is the idea which came into his head about what Joe looked like, flapping his arms about: a turkey. Susan is relieved that things are better between Neil and Eddie, although Neil was astounded that Eddie could equate three turkeys with what happened to Emma. He has made up his mind that there will be no more turkeys but he agrees not to bring the subject up just yet; he will wait until Eddie asks him next year and then he will say no.
  • Over coffee Helen turns the conversation to Michelle: was it love at first sight, will she still be beautiful, is she still with Pascal, will she stay in France. Greg, seeing her frowns, wonders whether she is finding something else to worry about. Nothing that a kiss cannot cure,

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