William says it with flowers.

Radio Times: William makes an offering.

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  • Jack and Joe and talk before the remembrance service.
  • Greg is briefing William on his duties while he is away. William tries to find out why Greg will be visiting France but Greg is evasive.
  • Shula tells Janet she is staying at a hotel near London airport that night because she is picking Phil and Jill up at 5:20 in the morning.
  • Edward is begging for work from Oliver but Oliver says the small size of his operation means that he cannot justify bringing in additional labour.
  • Greg tells Jack how unhappy he is at the Estate’s insistence that he run a shoot tomorrow, the day before the Grey Gables one. One of the guests at the Grey Gables shoot is to be Ted Mowlem, a big noise in regional advertising. Jack warns Greg to make sure Mr Mowlem remembers to keep his glasses on at all time.
  • Ed gives William a ribbing because he is off to see Emma with a bunch of flowers. William accuses him of not knowing how to be nice to people; he only knows how to put them in hospital.

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