Phil and Jill return from Australia and Greg learns that his ex-wife is now partnerless.

Radio Times: Shula does the pick-up.

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  • Shula meets Phil and Jill at the airport. They get stuck in traffic and Phil and Jill talk about what they have been up to. They discuss plans for Daniel’s birthday and for the anniversary dinner on Friday. Shula is worried that Jill will be too tired to cook a meal.
  • George is helping Greg. They grumble about Matt Crawford insisting on having so many guns at the shoot. George warns Greg to make sure that Ted Mowlem keeps his glasses on at tomorrow’s Grey Gables shoot. George won’t be going because he and Chris are taking Jack and Peggy out to lunch at a posh restaurant in Felpersham.
  • Greg talks about his developing relationship with Helen and about how his ex-wife Michelle is now being almost welcoming about Greg’s visit to the children. This thawing of attitude turns out to coincide with her break-up with Pascal. George expresses his regret at his distance from his children. He advises Greg not to make the same mistake. He also advises Greg to come clean with Helen about Michelle’s new-found single status if Helen really does have no reason to be suspicious about Greg’s or Michelle’s motives.

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