Mike makes a start at Lower Loxley, in spite of Nigel.

Radio Times: Mike is no bird-brain.

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  • While chainsawing at Lower Loxley, Mike is startled by Hector, the falcon whom Nigel is taking out for their first hunt on their own. Nigel bores Mike with falconry lore.
  • Clarrie and Pat are clearing up some spilled yoghurt in the back of the van. Clarrie talks about Ed’s reluctance to get on with his community service cleaning up the park. Helen drops by and Clarrie later observes that Helen had a real sparkle in her eye when she mentioned Greg.
  • Lizzie rescues Mike from Nigel by coming in to confirm babysitting arrangments for the dinner at Glebe Cottage on Friday. Mike talks about all the other things he delivers on his milk round these days, though he had drawn a line at the distributing scruffy leaflets advertising Eddie’s turkeys.
  • Helen finalises arrangements with Pat about visiting Barbara the blue cheese maker in Wales on Thursday. Pat tells her about Brian’s surprise proposed new profit-making venture promoting organic produce … from Hungary. (General disgust at his cynicism and hypocrisy, not to mention the food miles)
  • Ed’s off out and argues with Clarrie’s requirement that he get in by 11:00. She tries to appeal to Ed’s reason: he has got to take responsibility for finding himself a job and sorting out his life.

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