Greg nearly tells Helen that his wife has split from her partner – nearly, but not quite.

Radio Times: Greg is fooled by the third man.

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  • Ruth and David are doing the feed. Ruth had taken Pip to Daniel’s party but had been late because of Pip’s insistence on sending an e-mail card to Usha (who has gone to her Aunt’s for Diwali). Phil and Jill had been at the party but were still tired. Phil had been trying to help with farm work too. Jill has been cleaning Glebe Cottage from top to bottom in readiness for Friday.
  • Eddie and Joe are in Heydon Wood under cloak of darkness, trying to construct the ghastly spectre of Black Lawson for the ghost walk. They are interrupted by Greg, who suspects them of poaching and had taken the Black Lawson contraption to be an accomplice.
  • Helen is waiting for Greg in the Bull and tells Clarrie she had seen Ed that morning looking in the window of Ambridge Organics. Greg arrives and reports that one of the guns at the Grey Gables shoot swiped the carrot cake that Helen had given him – he had got muddled because he had forgotten his glasses (that’s right folks: Ted Mowlem!). Greg tells Helen how co-operative Michelle is being, but he doesn’t get round to telling her that Pascal has moved out. Helen is distrustful enough as it is.

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