Brave faces at Brookfield.

Radio Times: Brave faces at Brookfield.

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  • Brookfield’s starting to show the strain – not least Ruth having to cook Sunday lunch for some of Jill’s favourite B&B guests. Pip is being particularly annoying and Ruth spectacularly fractious. They are just about coping – but the week ahead looks set to be a struggle – the children and the B&B guests being the major concerns.
  • Helen (an assignment) and Tommy (the mysterious Kirsty) disappear after lunch but this does leave Pat, who’s feeling so much better, alone with Tony. She takes the opportunity to apologise to him, not for her behaviour per se, but that she was ill and it took a long time for her to admit it and that, along the way, she said some brutally hurtful things to him – things that she doesn’t mean at all.
  • Jill’s not going to be discharged from hospital until tomorrow afternoon and she’s been wondering about how to deal with the question of child-minding. Ruth and Shula have been pondering how to cover for Jill during the week and think that apologising to the B&B guests and cancelling some bookings is the best plan. Jill and Phil, meanwhile, think that seeing if Hayley is available for a while will be a good way to try to cope.