Eddie has some inspiration.

Radio Times: Eddie has some inspiration.

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  • Eddie’s come across a foolproof method of fulfilling his contract work without getting a new forage harvester … he’s borrowed one for test and they’ve agreed to leave it with him for a few days! Clarrie’s amazed, Joe and Eddie are like kids with new toys and Tony, owner of own of Eddie’s contracts, is unconcerned as long as it’s not stolen and Eddie doesn’t tell him where it came from!
  • Shula asks Hayley to mind the Archer kids while Jill’s off her feet. She likes the idea of setting up a creche at the bungalow, although wants to discuss it with her normal boss, Josie, before agreeing – she’s looking after Jamie too, Sid and Kathy have no problems with the idea.
  • Tony asks Clarrie to mind that Pat doesn’t get carried away.
  • It’s single wicket competition time again and Sid’s not sure that he wants Sean or Roy competing, because although they live in the village, their defection to Darrington still rankles.