Sean plays a waiting game.

Radio Times: Sean plays a waiting game.

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  • Jennifer’s visiting Brookfield to deliver the reluctant recouperative a gift of a plant that Jack and Peggy returned from the Chelsea Flower Show with. She would also like a word with David and Ruth about, inter alia the rumours regarding Kate and the GM raid.
  • Ruth had been looking forward to helping the shearers ply their trade but, despite Hayley helping with the childminding she feels that Phil might need help with Jill, maybe tasks like washing and such aren’t so easy for him? She needn’t have worried, Phil’s quite happy with the task. She is concerned, though, that next week is half-term and a busy time with the B&B and it might be a nightmare come real.
  • Jennifer asks David about Kate’s role in the raid and he says that he can’t say for sure she wasn’t there as he doesn’t know himself who was there.
  • Sid pays an unsurprisingly tactless visit to the Cat and asks Sean about his intentions toward the Single Wicket competition. Strictly honourable it seems, but he refuses to tell Sid whether he plans to compete or not and also says that it’s not a convenient time to return the trophy he won last year. Sid relays this to David as Sean stealing the trophy. He’s, obviously, planning no such thing. He’s also planning not to enter, but is enjoying making Sid sweat awhile.