Nigel just cannot wait.

Radio Times: Nigel just cannot wait.

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  • Plans are well advanced for Nigel’s fortieth birthday party – Julia’s organising the food and Lizzie’s on the trail of a DJ, Tim Beauchamp and a bouncy castle ….
  • Neil and Mike are silaging at Bridge Farm and a still rejuvenated Pat delivers some elevenses, she tries to talk to Mike but he seems a little unwilling to talk to her, she catches him again later. She only wants to thank him for his words when she was going through her roughest days and that she appreciates the bravery and honesty he showed toward her. He’s a uncomfortably awkward in accepting her gratitude, but does so – he also warns her that she might not be over it, there will still be days when the depression will return.
  • Jill’s on the mend and is certainly not enjoying being an invalid.
  • Lizzie’s been feeling a little out of sorts lately and her latest clue was a reluctance to drink some good coffee that she’d bought her mum as a gift. This happened once before. Combined with a light period last month and a late one this month, she wonders whether her fear that she’d lost her one chance at motherhood is solved. Nigel’s beside himself and wants to go, immediately, to buy a predictor kit!