Elizabeth gets the blues.

Radio Times: Elizabeth gets the blues.

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  • Usha’s walking to work in Borchester and everyone tries to offer her a lift – but she refuses, after all, the walk to London starts on Sunday. Later, though, when a sudden rainstorm hits, people aren’t so quick to help, Lynda does, eventually, and even offers a massage to soothe away the stresses of the wet day. Usha accepts and Lynda has (maybe) learned lessons as the episode ends with Usha snoring gently!
  • Kate’s still not happy with David and Ruth for not clearing her name as the village gossip continues apace. She and Sid wound each other up after she had a go at him over the real reasons he doesn’t want Sean playing in the Single Wicket Competition. Lynda recomends that she try to go to see David again – softly, softly, this time.
  • Hayley’s busy with the village children and is remaining aloof from the various dynamics at play at Brookfield – everyone’s worried about the functioning of the farm and the B&B and it seems that they’ve all got opinions but they’re not sharing them with each other!
  • Nigel and Lizzie have bought their predictor kit and they’ve waited the three minutes and the test was positive! They’re both sickeningly happy about the news – although they decide to keep it under wraps until they’ve got the official confirmation.