Brenda and Roy have a major row over the future of Willow Farm

Radio Times: The walls come crashing down for Roy.

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  • Roy is already measuring up the house when Mike starts to break the news that Brenda doesn’t want the split to happen. Brenda walks in before he’s managed it and thinks she has been trampled over. So both of them are furious.
  • Brenda and Roy have a major row about it and Brenda storms off. Mike tries to explain to Roy that it’s also about how Brenda feels about her connection to Betty.
  • Later Roy tries to smooth things over but it just ends up in another row.
  • Bert is avoiding the bungalow while Freda is having her hair done and Eddie decides to tease him that she must be doing to impress somebody. He realises he’s gone too far but he’s got Bert thinking and it doesn’t help when Kenton starts stirring things too. With Eddie being depressed about his diet and Mike joining them, it ends up with everyone crying into their beer.

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