Brian is getting fed up with having to do his share of the farm work and childcare. Ed is becoming more concerned about Nic mistreating George

Radio Times: Nic lacks the driving force.

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  • Nic is still having trouble with George playing up. She’s been left on her own with him again. She’s got her first driving lesson – if Will gets back on time. Ed appears in the shop just when she has finally had enough.
  • Brian is getting fed up with Adam expecting him to work. He ropes in Jazzer to help but he still pretty frazzled. He sends a very cross message to Jennifer demanding she turns up to look after Ruairi which Jennifer happily ignores.
  • Lilian and Jennifer have had an afternoon out. Lilian still can’t believe the letter Matt wrote. Really not his usual style.
  • Fallon’s band has been offered a tour. She’ll be away for weeks and Jazzer enjoys teasing Ed. He seems more bothered about seeing Nic with George again – and wearing a new expensive coat. He really doesn’t like the way Nic was treating George. Jazzer tries to convince him not to worry but Ed feels there is something not quite right.
  • Nic is disappointed with her first lesson. She feels such an idiot. Helen tries to convince her everyone feels like that but she doesn’t think she’ll be driving herself around anytime soon.
  • Brian really doesn’t seem to understand that the way he is reacting hard done by is not helping his case. Jennifer is definitely trying to get across how much he needs her and Adam.

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