Brenda encourages Tom to be more objective about his dispute with Brian.

Radio Times: Lynda gets snap-happy.

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  • What a contrast of mood: Brian is bright and cheerful as he calls on a rather exasperated Tom, at work with the pigs.
  • Snap, snap, snap – Lynda is at it again after church, photographing everybody in sight for her entry in the Food and Produce Show. Phil extracts from Bert that he is entering the Master Gardener competition – so Joe has a rival.
  • Brenda reports to Tom that Will is still keeping Roy and Hayley in suspense about being Abbie’s godfather; they wonder whether to ask someone else. Tom is more absorbed with his recent encounter with a rather patronising Brian; he is surprised and disappointed to find Brenda putting forward Brian’s viewpoint.
  • Dry stone walling, Phil explains, is his next project. Brian scathingly dismisses Nigel’s use of volunteers as a crafty ploy get his wall built for nothing. Phil points out that they are watching Bert practise his ploughing – on a Home Farm field; it’s a mutually beneficial activity.
  • Brenda assures Tom that she is not on Brian’s side but appreciates that the situation is not simple and wants Tom to see it from his point of view too. Tom is in no mood for such advice and slams out – a gesture that loses its impact when, in his socks, he has to come right back. Calmer, he confesses that he does not know how it will work out.

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