Tony thinks laterally about a parallel pig enterprise.

Radio Times: Susan gets territorial at Ambridge View.

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  • Having woken early, Susan is surprised to find Ed in her kitchen. She correctly deduces (and grudgingly accepts) that he has stayed the night. He will be looking after George later.
  • Tony is still fuming about Brian’s attitude and is seriously thinking about Tom’s proposal to start a separate pig enterprise at Bridge Farm. Pat is worried that it would be too much for Tom.
  • The silent cake baking activity of Sabrina Thwaite continues: she is buying sugar as if it is going out of fashion; no doubt all will be revealed. Meanwhile Pat’s arrival in the shop delivering yogurt sends Jennifer to the door in indecent haste. When Ed and George call in for bread, Susan insists that she pays for it, “to keep things straight”. Pat is more friendly, offering to participate in the Grange Farm Open Day, and George is disappointed that he cannot stay with Ed, who has to go back to work: he must publicise the Open Day.
  • Tony explains his thoughts to Pat. If Tom spends less time on the Home Farm enterprise, particularly on the business side which Brian values, then maybe Brian will realise that he might lose this expertise anyway and could therefore be more flexible.

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