Brian makes a stand over the sausage brand name; Tom and Tony have a solution.

Radio Times: Desperate times call for desperate measures for Neil.

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  • There is no welcome on the mat for Tom as he calls on Neil, busy with the pigs. Tom explains his plans for a herd at Bridge Farm; he still feels bad about Neil losing his job so he would like to buy weaners from Neil. Neil agrees but requires a written order.
  • Joe is fishing for what Bert is entering in the Flower & Produce Show and in the process saves Bert from a piece of Sabrina Thwaite’s Death by Chocolate – made with real death. So Bert ends up with Joe’s IOU instead.
  • Brian is amazed at Tom’s plans and thinks it is to spite him; he is not happy. He is already grumpy about Gourmet Grills absorbing Tom’s time. Brian is worried about cross-infection but Tom assures him that bio-security will be tight; anyway Jazzer will be doing the Home Farm pigs with Tom at Bridge Farm. Brian is not delighted about that either. One thing Brian makes very clear: the Tom Archer brand name is associated with non-organic sausages; Tom may not use it for the new venture.
  • Still grumpy, Neil explains the situation with Tom to Sid; he can’t tell him to go elsewhere for his weaners because he needs the business. At least Neil is looking forward to Friday’s bell ringing festival.
  • Tom explains to his father the restriction on the brand name. No matter – they will use the Bridge Farm label.
  • Joe is getting a bit worried about how many IOUs he has given out but Bert (who could not persuade Sid to take one) reports that Eddie has been buying them up with compost and gnomes. He is good lad!

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