Brenda finds a solution to Tom’s problem. Kenton fits another piece into the Ryan jigsaw. Neil has no wish to party.

Radio Times: Tom looks for an escape route.

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  • Arriving at St Stephen’s to deal with the plumbing emergency, Neil encounters Shula, who is clearly upset. Tactfully Neil says he’ll come back later.
  • At the shop, Susan seizes the opportunity to boast to Kenton that she has been to visit Usha, who, since the wedding, has become a very close friend. When Shula calls in for Alistair’s magazine, Kenton mentions that Jill is concerned about her. Shula brushes this aside, saying that Alistair is being very supportive. Somehow Shula’s insistence doesn’t ring true, and Kenton’s concerns are only increased.
  • Tom moans endlessly about Brian to Brenda, who can stand no more. She offers to cook him a special meal, in the hope he’ll find another topic of conversation.
  • When Kenton gets home, he tells Kathy that something has been nagging him ever since he met Alistair and Ryan. Now he’s remembered what it is; he met Ryan at a Poker game hosted by his friend Liam. Ryan lost heavily and was aggressive; eventually he was told to leave. He wonders if he should tell Alistair, but Kathy counsels against this.
  • Susan wants to discuss their Silver Wedding celebrations with Neil, who is more interested in getting to the darts match at the Bull. She wants a big party; Neil wants a quiet night in with a take-away, a DVD and a bottle of Bubbly from the shop. Neil makes good his escape, leaving Susan to moan to Kathy.
  • Tom mellows after a good meal, and Brenda tells him she’s got the solution. Tom needs a sleeping partner who won’t interfere. In a word (or two): Matt Crawford. Tom is stunned into silence, but Brenda points out that he’s a businessman, and leaves the experts to it, as he does with Adam and Debbie. Tom pictures Brian’s face when he told him he was going into partnership with Matt…

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