Fallon considers a move. Brian makes some underhand moves

Radio Times: Brian shows his duplicitous side.

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  • Brian’s fall-out with Tom has brought out the deceitful side of his nature. He arranges to meet Maurice Horton and offers him more hours in the sausage plant -but he mustn’t breathe a word to Tom. It is, after all, how partnerships work; Tom focuses on production, Brian on strategic planning. Maurice is taken aback, but agrees to secrecy.
  • The sick cow has made an amazing recovery, thanks to Pip and David. Ruth gushes horribly to her daughter about her star quality. Pip squirms audibly.
  • In the shop, Susan tells Fallon about the flat. Fallon asks if she can take a look, and Susan offers her a tour at lunch-time. They are joined by Ruth, and they agree that it is lovely. Fallon asks for a second look. She’s obviously interested in it; the box-room would make a lovely recording studio.
  • Brian’s machinations know no bounds, as he next approaches Hannah. Smarmily, he tells her how impressed he is with her work, and offers her some part-time work when she returns to college. Hannah, like Maurice, is somewhat puzzled that Tom has said nothing, but is assured by Brian that it’s to avoid putting further stress on Tom. Innocently, Hannah says she wishes her uncle was as thoughtful as Brian.

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