Brenda gets good news. Brian gets good news. Helen gets good news. Only Tom and Tony are miserable.

Radio Times: Helen takes some baby steps at Bridge Farm, and Tom fears an uncertain future.

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  • Brenda shows Tom Jazzer’s blog, with its dreadful spelling and grammar, plus a photo of him smoking a roll-up. She’ll spend the day trawling the job-sites, as she’s not pinning her hopes on the Leicester job.
  • Pat and Helen discuss Peggy over the cheese-making. Helen jokes about Tony’s clumsy efforts to pair her off with Patrick.
  • Tom confides his fears about the effects of Brenda’s career on their marriage to Tony, who tries to put a positive spin on it. Just as Tom tells Tony about Brian’s soft-fruit developments, Brenda arrives with great news – she’s got the job.
  • Brian has good news about funding for the shop – they have the grant for the refurbishment. He’s generous enough to praise Pat’s efforts.
  • Tony’s delighted to hear Brenda’s news, but Tom is much less so. He’s worried about the commuting, but tells Brenda he’s proud of her. Pat’s delighted too. Brenda will start in two weeks, and will commute each day as staying over would be too expensive.
  • Helen’s got good news too; she’ll have her treatment in two weeks; she might be pregnant this time next month. Tony goes very quiet.

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