Joe looks for business ideas. Kenton looks for staff. Peggy looks for comfort in distress.

Radio Times: Peggy encounters some unexpected heartache, while Eddie makes some under-the-counter cash.

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  • Eddie and Joe sit in a traffic jam on their way to the livestock market. Eddie’s managed to get Joe a pitch selling compost. Not content with that, Joe wants Eddie to slip two bullocks in to the sale, as a favour to a friend. It’s against the rules, so Eddie’s not keen, but when he remembers the heating bills, he has no option.
  • Kirsty has forgotten that Jaxx is shut for renovation, but meets Kenton outside. He needs bar staff, and asks if Kirsty knows anyone. She wonders if Brenda would be interested, but Kenton doesn’t think so.
  • Lilian drops Peggy at The Laurels on her way to the hairdresser. When Peggy asks who she’s seeing on Thursday, Lilian claims it’s an old friend from Guernsey. Peggy muses over Brenda’s job interview; she doesn’t think Tom will be happy if she gets the job.
  • Kenton calls at the shop to ask Kirsty to put up some notices about jobs at Jaxx. He flatters Kirsty, who laughs it off. She certainly doesn’t want a job there.
  • Eddie slips the two bullocks into the sale without a problem. Joe thinks he might do it regularly as a money-spinner. Meanwhile he’s got a better idea – Back to Basics camping at the pole barn. They could avoid the planning department that way and make a lot of money.
  • Lilian returns to find a distraught Peggy. Jack was holding hands with Ted’s wife, Violet, and ignored Peggy completely. Lilian tries to make her see that Jack doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Peggy won’t be comforted.

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