Brenda is blaming herself for Betty’s death. Bert is getting ready for his golden wedding. Matt’s new PA has arrived.

Radio Times: Bert gets lyrical.

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  • Bert is writing a poem as a present for Freda for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. David tries to convince him to buy a proper present too – maybe something gold. But Bert seems to wonder about a trip to India – he’s sure Freda would like to ride an elephant. But when David encourages him, he suddenly seems reluctant. It is Lilian’s turn to canvass but her leaflet is not a patch on Lynda’s.
  • Brenda manages to make Mike buy a new suit but he’s still not really feeling part of things. He’s still singing Roy’s praises which put Brenda out rather. He’s not sure how he’ll feel once the funeral is over. Brenda has decided she’s not going back to university yet. She couldn’t stand it. She wants to tell him something but he gets distracted by the sound system playing Betty’s special song so she doesn’t get to say it – it wasn’t important…..
  • Tom tells Lilian he’s met Matt’s new very attractive PA. Lilian is less than impressed but is curious to meet her. Matt seems reluctant to introduce her!
  • Brenda is getting anxious about the funeral. She feels she hasn’t got anyone to talk to properly. Mike is too fragile and Roy is too busy. She thinks it’s her fault she didn’t go up to Betty to help. Maybe she could have done something. Tom tries to persuade her not to blame herself. It doesn’t help anyone. He promises to be with her at the funeral.
  • Lilian tries to improve her leaflet to match Lynda’s but she’s struggling. Then she realises that maybe the new PA could help!

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