Brenda is impressing Matt with her work. Nic is showing a lot of interest in Will’s bequest from Great Aunt Hilda.

Radio Times: Things are looking up for Will.

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  • Matt is actually feeling a bit sorry for Brian, even thinking of offering him a day’s partridge shooting. Meanwhile Brenda is showing she knows her stuff by pointing out that some planning objections to a Borchester Land development were nonsense. Brenda thinks she’s done well until it turns out Matt only sent her because he thought the application was a lost cause. Matt is impressed anyway though.
  • Brian is trying to help with Ruairi by offering to help Jennifer shop for his school uniform. Jennifer isn’t impressed, she’d much rather do it on her own! Gives Brian and Matt the chance to try to outdo each other on who has the best plans for the farm. Ruairi is pleased with his uniform though and Brian can’t believe his little boy is going to school.
  • William and Nic are still making plans and Will has a secret up his sleeve. Turn out that he’s mentioned in Great Aunt Hilda’s Will. But he won’t know what he’s got until he sends proof of identity. He thinks it will probably be a teapot or something but Nic is suddenly very interested in the idea it might be pots of money or a priceless antique.
  • Jennifer is disappointed that Alice isn’t going to make up with Brian before she goes to South Africa but it isn’t going happen. She is very obsessed with the RAF at the moment.

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