Clarrie is embarrassed to hear from Nic about the bequest from Great Aunt Hilda. Why hasn’t Ed had a letter too?

Radio Times: Hayley has a confession to make.

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  • Hayley is suffering with morning sickness and is worried that people will notice. She doesn’t want Phoebe to know. Mike’s advert has appeared in the Echo and so has Hayley’s. And so she has to confess it is hers. Mike agrees it is a better advert but how could he ever have the nerve to reply to anyone?
  • Lynda is still struggling with her B&B guests and now she is having trouble with the Churchyard open day. Joe thinks they should be telling everyone about the Worm of Ambridge. And he’s even more optimistic that someone might fall of the Church Tower.
  • Clarrie bumps into Nic in a supermarket in Hollerton and tries to be a little more friendly. Then Nic puts her foot in it by mentioning the letter from Great Aunt Hilda’s solicitor and talking about it being a huge bequest. Clarrie isn’t impressed.
  • Robert is getting worried by the cost of Lynda’s reviews. She now wants to review an upmarket restaurant called the Quince Tree and Robert doesn’t have the heart to review.
  • Clarrie dashes home to find out if anyone knows anything about the letter from Great Aunt Hilda. She was really embarrassed not to know anything and hated the way Nic talked about it. But what is worse, if Will has had a letter, why hasn’t Ed had one too?

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