Brenda is told there is no chance Matt will carry on with the pigs and sacks her as well.

Radio Times: The deal’s off for Brenda.

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  • The assault course is coming along nicely. David seems to be enjoying it as much as the kids will! Pip is less impressed at the idea of a bunch of smelly 6 year olds but she is at least planning to cook Mothers’ Day lunch – all along the 5 mile principle, of course.
  • Matt’s temper is being to get on Lilian’s nerves as well. But Lilian is really horrified at the idea of Matt being in prison. Matt still doesn’t want to sell Chalky down the river but Lilian thinks it’s the only way to reduce a sentence if there has to be one. Brenda turns up on the doorstep having tried endlessly to contact Matt. He completely refuses to discuss why he pulled out of the deal with Tom and then tells her he is not going to want her to work for him for a very long time.

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