Matt agrees to cooperate with the SFO. Oliver offers Ed the tenancy of Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Life goes full circle for Joe.

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  • Mike spots Tom’s boar in Hayden Woods but doesn’t manage to catch him. Not a good start to the day which includes a meeting with Brian. Brian takes great delight in rubbing salt into the wound over the collapse of his backer. But he is now determined to sever the partnership with Tom so he’d better find another source of money and quickly.
  • Matt decides to come clean with the SFO in the absence of anymore contact with Chalkman. Russell still thinks a custodial sentence is the likely outcome but the best thing now is to make no more contact with Chalkman at all.
  • Oliver makes his proposal to Ed, offering him the tenancy at Grange Farm. Ed is thrilled but completely stunned! Ed tells Joe who is absolutely thrilled at the thought of a Grundy back at Grange Farm but overwhelmed by the practicalities – not the cows but the paperwork, the finances, the money. Joe reckons it’s time to seize the day. This isn’t a chance he will ever get again.

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