Brenda proves to be a marketing genius.

Radio Times: Brenda flexes her marketing muscles.

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  • Tom shows Pat his ad on the village website; Lynda has already complained about it, but Pat assures him that it’s fine. She tells Tom that Helen hadn’t taken his advice to get out more in the spirit in which it was intended – she was furious.
  • Lilian drowns her lunchtime sorrows at the Bull. When Brenda calls in to meet Tom, Lilian is acid, until Brenda mentions that Jazzer is now doing the milkround, and that two hunks are working on the church tower. Suddenly life looks brighter to Lilian.
  • Brenda hauls a bemused Tom off to the Copper Kettle in Borchester, where she asks, loudly and persistently, if their sausages are Tom Archer brand. When she’s told they’re not, she makes Tom walk out. Then they try the Feathers, which does serve them, and comments equally loudly and persistently on how wonderful they are. Tom is hugely embarrassed.
  • Sid tackles Lilian on the subject of the new carpet and curtains, hinting that some consultation with Jolene and him might have been appreciated. Lilian’s gin intake prevents any reasoned discussion, so Sid gives up.
  • When Tom gets home, he has a call on his mobile from the Copper Kettle, asking for some of his sausages. He has to admit that Brenda is a marketing genius, and immediately orders some t-shirts with Tom Archer Sausages emblazoned on front and back; they will wear them at the flower show,

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