Brenda’s deep hurt and dislike of Vicky bursts out.

Radio Times: Betty’s gone, but not forgotten, at Willow Cottage.

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  • The Tuckers are looking forward: Vicky has enlisted some help to redesign the garden and Mike has been researching expanding the milk round. Alas he concludes that Ed is right: they can’t afford £25K and Mike would be no more comfortable then Ed to borrow it. Mike has booked a honeymoon but is keeping his cards close to his chest, though he does admit that a boat is involved.
  • David being late, Ed has done the right thing with the cows, though he puts in a plea to be taught how properly to assess the pastures. David broaches the subject of holiday cover.
  • Brenda had hoped to see her dad but instead gets an explanation of Vicky’s garden plans, including for Roy and Hayley’s part of the garden. She also announces that Brenda’s photo is on the website with her narrative. Finally she reveals that the plans call for the removal of the apple tree – Betty’s tree – mum’s tree. Brenda goes off the deep end, accusing Vicky of erasing every vestige of her mum.
  • Joe has discovered that neither he nor Jill have got a place on the plinth; there’s only one ballot left. Eddie thought Joe had undermined his negotiating position with David over looking after Brookfield by being so keen; it is a big responsibility. Joe has a great idea: they will all do it; they will move in to Brookfield – assuming they can sell that idea to David and Ruth.
  • Mike visits Brenda to clear up the misunderstanding. It is difficult for Mike to talk to Vicky about Betty but he admits he should have done. Brenda pleads for the apple tree to be kept and Mike readily agrees – mum’s tree is going nowhere.

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