Has Tom convinced his parents to pack their holiday bags?

Radio Times: Peggy’s finances take a knock.

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  • When it comes to Brenda and Vicky, Tom is ferociously supportive of Brenda; Helen is more objective, being sure that Vicky is not malicious. Tony can’t resist checking how the veg boxes are going and is pleasantly surprised to find that the younger generation are coping quite well. So Tom presses the point about his parents taking a holiday.
  • Over tea in the garden, Jennifer declares to Peggy that the family are worried about her; she seems to be very careful about money. After a vain attempt to evade the issue, she admits that the low interest rates are having an impact; a financial review is long overdue. Her long-standing financial adviser has retired, so she would like Brian to look things over.
  • Helen pauses long enough in her busy day to discuss with Kirsty the current state of Annette – pretending not to be broken-hearted. Kirsty warns that Helen cannot run her life for her.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Tom is winning: he has found a very cheap holiday in Turkey and Tony is tempted. Tom solicits support from Helen to convince their father but it doesn’t seem to have much conviction behind it.

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