Eddie pulls a fast one. Vicky springs a surprise.

Radio Times: Eddie gets his feet under the table at Brookfield.

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  • Vicky’s choice of colour seems a bit bright but Mike couldn’t ask Jason to paint the walls a third time. Her friend Bev is coming again to revise the garden plan – including Betty’s tree. Vicky has an interesting suggestion: when she sells her flat, she could finance the cows needed for Mike’s proposed expansion of the milk business.
  • Eddie calls at Brookfield to sound out David and Ruth about moving in but where is everybody? When Ruth appears she is surprised to find Eddie trying out David’s chair.
  • Looking for Ed, Mike also calls at Brookfield and gets David’s opinion about a share farming agreement. David is a bit taken aback when Eddie announces that he has agreed with Ruth a temporary Grundy takeover of Brookfield. When they compare notes, David and Ruth realise that Eddie has conned them both but it will probably be fine: Clarrie will look after the place. At least they can go on holiday.
  • Ed is certainly interested in Mike’s plan; they had better look for some land near Grange Farm.
  • Vicky’s revised plan still involves moving the tree. Mike thinks Brenda would not be happy with that, indeed he himself is not happy with it: Betty’s ashes are scattered under the tree. Vicky gets the point and agrees that the tree can stay.

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