Pat and Tony prepare to fly. Fallon fears her career will not fly.

Radio Times: Fallon’s dreams in music hit a duff note.

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  • Before going off to see Lilian, Jolene lays down the law to Sid that he is not to make Fallon feel unwanted; Jolene does not intend to let her give up her music.
  • Tony is miffed that he has not been asked to help his mum with her finances. Yet he is moaning about having so much to do in readiness for going on holiday (even though Pat is doing most of the preparations!).
  • Jolene joins Lilian for a coffee at Home Farm but she quickly bursts into tears; it is Matt’s birthday and Lilian has bought a card. Jolene offers to deliver it but Lilian decides to put it in the bin.
  • Sid catches Fallon scanning the jobs pages in the Echo and assures her that she doesn’t need to; he never meant to imply otherwise, just to suggest that it was wise to have a backup plan in case her dreams didn’t come true. She acknowledges this but then dashes off, seeming upset.
  • Tony has some “must do” points for Tom next week but he is already up to speed on them. Tony had better not take a phone with him!
  • Sid has spotted an article in the paper that Fallon was reading, describing how her father has been disqualified from driving for two years. Fallon declares that she is not upset by this; he always was a waste of space; she couldn’t care less.

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